Game Features

The Warden's work is never done.

Build Floors

Choose from 5 different floor types. Cells, Shop, Gym, Infirmary, and the Executioner's Block.

Upgrade Your Prison

Upgrade each floor as you see fit. Make the shop more efficient, install an isolation chamber, and much more.

Stop Riots

Hire guards to stop prison riots. Watch out for leaders! They'll cause you the most trouble.

Complete Events

Perform special events for the governor or impress the inspector in exchange for gold stars.

Parole Prisoners

Decide who gets paroled or who gets the chair. Decide based on their remarks, crime, and time served.

Search For Contraband

Search prison floors for illegal contraband. Find shivs, mobile phones, or... an inflatable giraffe?

I have a dream that one day our children will be judged by their high scores in contemporary video games - not by the color of their fur.

Inmate: Pudge
Crime: Larceny

I'm going to stop eating to protest these obscene prison conditions. Oh, wait, today is taco Tuesday. Hunger strike starts tomorrow then.

Inmate: Splinter
Crime: Check Kiting

Lab Note 25: Have discovered joys of classical music. No longer interested in stabbing. Considering cannibalism, though.

Inmate: Meatball
Crime: Homicide

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